*2-Day Shipping*

Let’s start with the obvious one… 2-day shipping!!
  Some people skim over this, but let’s not. 2-day shipping in a world where you are on your last box of wipes/diapers, ran out of the last box of your kiddos favorite Fruit loops (which he has melt-downs without) 2-day shipping CAN be a lifesaver. Yes, I used to run out to stores for that 1-2 items. Now as a Mom. No-can-do. By the time you get the kids fed, dressed, changed, in their car seats, one has already 1.) Pooped again or 2.) It’s time for their nap or they need to eat again… and we know what happens without a nap.

So worth it to go on my computer, click and ship. 
If you have not gotten a 30 day trial yet.. be sure to sign up to try it out first!

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

*Free Welcome box with Baby Registry!!*

Benefits of having a Baby Registry with Amazon:
* 10% completion discount; 15% completion discount for Amazon Mom members.
* FREE 90-day returns on Baby Store purchases.
* It’s universal – add items to an Amazon Baby Registry from any site.
Why should you make a baby registry?

If you buy $10 of of it after completing your registry – you can get a FREE welcome box. Check out what one of our friends got in the comments…
And NOW you have the chance of winning a $2,000 gift credit to amazon!
You just have to add $50 worth of fisher price to your registry. See the details in the link and make sure you sign up TODAY! 2 winners!!

You can get FREE BABY Stuff!! possibly $2,000!! .
Pssst. No they don’t check if you have babies or are pregnant 😉

*FREE Amazon Family *

One of my BIGGEST tricks of deal hunting – is joining Amazon Family!!
For starters, you always get 20% off diapers…if you have any little ones in diapers, that is a HUGE deal. You can also stack that discount on top of the 5-15% off with Subscribe & Save AND you can stack with coupons! I have brought home some MONSTER deals!!
ALSO – Amazon also offers coupons exclusively for Amazon Family members. These tend to be BIG coupons that are general to Gerber for example…
It is absolutely 100% FREE to sign up with prime, don’t forget to get more discounts for FREE with your amazon account!

*FREE Book Borrowing!! *

Amazon.com – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

As an Amazon Prime member you are allowed to “borrow” one book for free per month! Don’t have a kindle? No problem, download Amazon’s free reading app on your mobile device 🙂
Not to mention there are FREE books available all the time!

*Unlimited FREE Photo Storage*

Yes you read that right, just by having prime you get FREE storage.
Back up your precious photos, videos & memories.
Unlimited Online Storage

*Amazon Student

Anyone who has an .edu email address that you use as a college student! You still have a .edu email address? You are still eligible!
You can get a FREE 6 month trial of Amazon prime by being a student, and get all the benefits of someone paying for Prime! If you decide you want prime after your 6 months…you can buy it for 50% off.


*Rent. Buy. Sell. Your Textbooks! *

Following Amazon Student..did you know you can rent or buy or sell your used books off amazon (for a WHOLE lot cheaper than what your college bookstore sells them for!)
Save yourself some money and forego the college bookstore!!



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