BEST Mommy Sand Pit Hack – $25 – no bugs, shade & no pet droppings!!


Ok – so we decided that my little one LOVES sand. She loves digging, playing and building in the sand. We LIVE outside in the summer, so another activity to do outside is always welcomed! Contrary to the picture above (that is my actual backyard!!) it is sunny until about 7 ‘o’clock at night! SO shade, anti-bug, and unfortunately we have wild cats that live in our neighborhood and leave their excrement everywhere….so. Enter in the TENT IDEA!

It has worked absolutely BEAUTIFULLY!

No bugs, no droppings, and complete shade, YAY!


First buy a tent – it must ZIP, be able to be staked and be waterproof!!
It does not have to be the most high quality tent, because no one will be sleeping in it. At least there isn’t in mine….haha!
——> The first picture is actually MY backyard sand pit!! I can tell you from experience, it works, no bugs, no sun and we LOVE IT!!

I found this one for $25 which seems to be about the cheapest, that has stakes, a zipper and is waterproof: The picture of the tent is the one on the right!
A.) Poco Divo 2-person Family Camping Dome Backpacking Tent: only $21!!

Second: buy some sand and sand toys!! Here are some good deals I found:
A.) Zoo Med ReptiSand®, 5 Pounds, Desert White – only $10
B.) US Toy Beach Bucket Sand Castle Play Set (8 Piece) – only $7!!

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Third: And if you want to set the scene for your little ones with the cutest little adirondack chair like I did in my backyard here’s the best deal:
A.) Little Tikes Garden Chair- Orange – Only $18 (other colors are available!!)


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