BEST finds at $1 store and Amazon for your OCC Shoeboxes within your budget!

Some Ideas & Essentials to pack in your shoeboxes

– Buy in bulk to save!!

Go here to learn more about Operation Christmas Child!!

Need more information on HOW to pack a shoebox or WHAT to put in the shoebox? GO HERE – this is the official Operation Christmas Child list of items to pack!

For the past 4 years my family, friends and I have fundraised and searched high and low for the best and most items to pack in our shoeboxes! We started at 20 and last year filled 60! We like them overflowing so I am CONSTANTLY looking for the best bulk deals!! This post is to share what I have found, and hey check out the pics from our packing parties 🙂

****(DISCLOSURE: FDD is an affiliate of both Amazon and DollarTree. There is a potential by purchasing through some links in this post that FDD may receive a small percentage of sale which does not effect your purchase price.)

Here is what I found below:

** Don’t forget your WOW item, this should be something the child opens and first sees! Something that makes them hug the item and feel loved! Don’t forget these kids may have never owned their very own! We want to show them the love of Jesus and having something to snuggle and show love to themselves is a great start!!  This can be a doll or cuddly soft stuffed animal! Here’s some options from the Dollar Tree or from Amazon 🙂

– 4 ct. Toothbrushes w/ plastic travel
case $1 per pack 
– Soccer pumps $1 each
– 3 count Car packs $1 each 
– Toolboxes $1 each 
– 4 piece tool set $1 each
– 6 count headbands $1 each



*** ALWAYS Be aware that prices are fluctuating on Amazon – the prices are the current prices are as of 8/21/17 but are subject to change at anytime without warning. Check the price before purchasing 🙂 ***

—> Challenge you and your family this year, can you double the boxes you make?

PLEASE feel free to *SHARE* this post with your packing party friends, Facebook friends etc! The more friends we have donating goodies for shoeboxes (whether they decide to create their own shoeboxes or donate single items) the MORE CHILDREN we can reach with the gospel of Jesus Christ <3 

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  1. Sheila

    This information is awesome and thanks so much for sharing and all the leg work – I have ordered while I am reading your list! Will print this off to share with my church! God Bless you! Sheila Waters – Church Relations Team in SE Metro of Atlanta, GA

    • Ms Frugal Deals

      Wow that just makes my heart so happy! Thank you so much for commenting. I had hoped my list could bless someone else or even a church (that is awesome) by having everything in one spot! It is easy to forget where to buy certain items etc. Thank you so much again! Blessings from Buffalo, NY! <3

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