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DIY Summer Craft!! Calming / Sensory relaxation Bottles for any age!



Shopping List:

1.) Voss Plastic Bottles (these are the BEST type to use for this project. They are the perfect height and size and easy to Gorilla glue shut to prevent accidents!

—>12 pack of Voss Plastic Bottles61zNpvsd5dL._SY550SX192_SY550_CR,0,0,192,550_PIbundle-12,TopRight,0,0_SX192_SY550_CR,0,0,192,550_SH20_

(the water delicious so you won’t waste it! 😉 )

2.) Elmer’s Clear Glue –   OR Elmers Clear Glitter Glue

—> if you get the big jug, make 2 projects & use to make SLIME!

3.) Gorilla Glue – 2 pack

4.) Glitter and or sequins!

—> Silver,  Blue, Green, GLOW IN THE DARK, Pink, Red, Purple, MULTI

(Click the color you’d like and it’ll take you there!)
—> List of SEQUINS

IMG_8716 IMG_8719 IMG_8722


*This sensory jar is made with about 20% glue, 80% water, and as much glitter as desired – I don’t have exact proportions because bottles can be different sizes.

*Pour Elmer’s clear glue and hot water into the bottle.
*Add your food coloring, and glitter.IMG_8726 IMG_8727

* Now shake, shake, shake!

* Let it set, you’ll see everything shift – but all you need to do is shake it up to make it all flow! I did add the glow in the dark glitter to ours, but it didn’t seem to glow :/

—-> There are a TON of fun other things you can add to these bottles – experiment and make different jars! Have the kids help in making their own jar! Here are more ideas:
Lego people, jungle animals, Little fish, little bugs …and more!

* When you are satisfied with the amount of glitter, toys & fun – Gorilla glue that lid shut! You don’t want this spilling all over the place!!

Don’t forget to share with your friends – make a gift for a friends – these make EXCELLENT Teacher gifts that they can use with their students!
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DIY Minnie Mouse Birthday Invites under $0.75!!


Invitations under $0.75! And EASY PEESY! 😍😍

My Daughter’s **3rd Birthday pics** inspired by Minnie Mouse! My daughters face covered to protect her identity 😉 I hope you all understand!

There is NO REASON to spend an arm and a leg for invitations!! I took my own pictures using my good old iphone. THEN I will head to Walgreens Photo online  to print photos around $0.12 each! 

—> NEXT, print a sticker with the birthday details, stick to the back of the photo. BOOM. Done.

Each invite with a stamp cost me under $0.75 each (if you include the stamp!)

How to get that Picture Perfect Photo! <3 <3

Get the felt board as low as $12.99!!  It was SUPER easy to set up took only a couple minutes, and made taking pics with her a breeze! Definitely perfect for first day of school, birthday pics & announcements!
I will add a nice quote & set on display when not in use for pics!
Get an adorable FELT BOARD Here!
Over at Jane they have this Minnie inspired dress HERE 


(many other princess inspired dresses as well)!
— my daughter received SO many compliments on this dress! The dress is made with high quality fabric, was stretchy, nice smooth material & fit true to size! Ears not included.
— Dress deal expires in ONE day! 
Minnie ears were great quality & a great price compared to park ears. Even inc. a pair for Mama!!
As always we’d love to hear if you have experience with any of these items OR if you grab them   Deals




(affiliate link, FDD receives small % if purchased through link)

DIY Crafty Wednesday – all but ONE item can be found in your home!

chalk recipe 1Crafty Wednesday — will cost you only $11 out of pocket!

All ingredients but ONE can be found in your home!
Natural Squirty Chalk Paint!

Keep your loved ones BUSY Outside this summer with this CHEAP PROJECT – make again and again!! Super safe, no nasty chemicals – use ingredients from around the house!!

Your shopping list:

Squirt Chalk Paint Materials – I’m hoping you have in your home!

*If you don’t click the items below!*
1.) Corn starch
2.) Food coloringsummer fun 13
3.) Water
4.) Baking soda 2 pk
5.) Vinegar



*The ONE item you will need to purchase for the project!71U-qG-LPgL._SX425_
Squirt Bottles — set of 6!

1.) You will need one squirt bottle for each color of paint you want to make. Fill each bottle roughly 2/3 full with a corn starch and baking soda mixture. It should be roughly about the same of both ingredients.
2.) Add a few drops of food coloring and fill the bottles the rest of the way with water. Then  stir the ingredients. The mixture is VERY thick at first, but soon all the ingredients melt into a colorful paint.

summer fun 1293.)After you have the mixture mixed a bit place the cap on the squeeze bottles and shake them well. Note- you will also want to fill a couple squirt bottles with vinegar.
4.) After the paint has all been squeezed out…then it’s time to play with the vinegar bottles!! It bubbles up and then time to jump and splash on it! It’s science!

Then it is time to PLAY!

Ideas on how to use:

—-> Draw lines on the ground for TIC TAC TOE, hop scotch or just draw designs! Create a track for your kids to drive their toy cars or their big POWER WHEELS toys. The ideas are endless. Hours of fun outside in the shining sun, get those endorphins going and go on and get outside! 😀

Thank you GrowingAJewelredRose for your project idea & recipe!




Amazon: DOTD 70% off Silhouette Die Cutting machines!! DIY Crafter’s Dream!

DOTD 70% off Silhouette Die Cutting machines!! DIY Crafter’s Dream! — All HERE


Silhouette Cameo — Starter Bundle

Only $179.98 (reg. $344.95)

Includes: This bundle includes a New Silhouette CAMEO
2 12″x12″ cutting mats, 2 cutting blades
a Silhouette Pick Me Up tool
a Silhouette Metallic Sketch Pen Pack
and One-month basic subscription to the Silhouette Design Store916tgwpvhsL._SX425_71DfQJcWv0L._SX425_



Silhouette Curio Cutting Tool

Only $135.99 (reg. $249.99)

Product Info:
The Curio is taking giant leaps forward with its new features; Along with the new stippling and etching functions, Silhouette is proud to introduce three types of embossing methods-Path Emboss, Score & Emboss, and Print & Emboss
With Curio, you can now cut thicker material. When used with Silhouette’s new deep-cut blade, you can cut up to 2mm thick materials; The Curio boasts a 5mm clearance, which allows you to feed thicker materials through the machine
It’s all driven by powerful Silhouette Studio software and the Silhouette Design Store. The Curio is the only machine that can unlock the embossing, stippling, and etching, and dual carriage options that will now be available in Silhouette Studio


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DIY Crafty Wednesday – MOTHER’S DAY CRAFT — hint show the hubby! ;)


— hint hint show the hubby! 😉

Check out this beautiful frame! 03b40683439abf299b83cec2179318e9

Shopping list at the best deal prices!

1.) Shadow box frame: 12x12x 1/2 – $13

—-> OR this one for only $7!! 

—> white paint to paint frame

—> Other options of black or white

BUT much more expensive…FYI!

2.) Neutral Scrabble Tiles

3.) Pink Scrabble Tiles

4.) Lace background paper

(Head to Micheals or Hobby Lobby &

grab 1-2 sheets for $0.30-$0.50 each!)

5.) Glue Gun (if you don’t already have one!)

6.) Heart buttons

7.) What I would do – is frame a picture of Mom and loved ones to match – and make this  a PAIR of frames that will hang together 😉

—> Ideas for the background

— add a special picture drawn by your loved one

— add hand prints from your loved one

— add an enlarged picture of mom & loved ones!


Here are the STEPS for the how to:Freestyle

Step 1: Paint your shadow box & let dry

Step 2: Lay out your tiles in the way you’d like – use the picture or make your own!

Step 3: Hot glue tiles to scrapbook page (make sure it’s centered before you glue!) Let dry!

Step 4: Hot glue heart buttons to corner.

Step 5: Put the paper in the frame

Step 6: Paint frame and put picture in 2nd one 7: Present gifts to MOM on MOTHER’S DAY! Don’t forget to share photos of the finished product 😀


If you’d like to see more projects in the future — don’t forget to comment if you are attempting project, so I know you want more! And we would LOVE to see your completed project <3 <3 


Come back EVERY WEDNESDAY for easy 123 Crafts – for the busy mom who just doesn’t have the time to do the searching & shopping for best deals!!
Did you miss the last project? Find it HERE!!




Let’s get crafty – Spring BEE DIY project – 6 EASY steps & everything you need!

Look at this adorable Spring BEE Project!!

Time to get crafty at home! SO…. you are a Mom, Aunt, Grandma, Dad, Grandpa, Uncle or friend wanting to make a EASY craft with some kiddos?  This one is right up your ally.  Doing a good DIY (Do it yourself) is like Mac & Cheese…. good for the soul! haha The most difficult part of this project is just grabbing the materials! AND the best part about it, is most likely you will have the items around your home… OR they are easy items to grab at your local Michaels or Joann’s or honestly Amazon might be your cheapest bet! I have added the links above, because honestly in this day and age, ordering them online and having them ready for pick up at your local store for FREE is just such a convenient & safe option!!


AD-Clay-Pot-Garden-Projects-10Here are the simple supplies you need:

Shopping List:
#1 – Set of 6 clay pots —>OR set of 3 clay pots 
#2 – Yellow paint
#3 – Craft bees  –> Or see #6 and make your own bees!
#4 – Jute Twine
#5 – Garden Wire
#6 – Black foam for entry of hive and/or bees!
#7 – Hot Glue Gun (mini)


HOW TO Steps:

#1 – Paint Clay pots yellow! —- Let dry!
#2 – Hot glue gun twine around pot!
#3 – Cut doorway out of black foam, hot glue gun on.
#4 – Glue bees to wire .

#5 – Glue wire to pots .
#6 – Position bees accordingly!
TIP: The more pots you make, try a stacking pattern for a hive look, build it like a pyramid or even have one sticking out! Have a bee sticking out of the bottom flying up into the hive!


Craft project & photo credit to: Kifli Es Levendula Blog 





If you’d like to see more projects in the future — don’t forget to comment if you are attempting project, so I know you want more! And we would LOVE to see your completed project <3 <3

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If you have any clay pots left – why not create one of these adorable footprint butterfly pots for Mother’s Day or for Grandma from your loved one??



 Picture credit – Pinterest 

24 CHEAP Random Acts of Kindness (RAKs) for kids/families this summer!

24 CHEAP Random Acts of Kindness RAKs 

for kids/families this summer!

Teaching Children to leave a Path of Kindness – One RAK at a time!! <3


FREEBIE: Keep track of which ones you complete this summer!

HERE: Summer RAK Free Printable PDF

You’ve been RAK-ed FREE Printable!

Download this FREE PRINTABLE PDF – we would LOVE to know where our RAKs take you! <3



***(You will see some Affiliate links below in the posted article. FDD may receive a small %, with no cost to you, if purchased through link provided.)****
1. Knit a hat – for your local NICU, Children’s hospital or OCC
I love this one. As a recipient of a knitted hat in the NICU, such a small act of kindness made such an impact to our family and our newest addition. It was something from outside the hospital walls and something that brought a smile to my face when I saw it. NICU babies must wear a cap to keep their heat in so they are greatly needed! OR Operation Christmas Child would love to accept your knitted hat, scarf, gloves, socks for their shoeboxes. They go to kids who most likely do not receive any gifts at Christmas, they also get to hear all about the love that Jesus has for them so it is a WIN WIN! If you need an address to send them to, please contact me, and I can give you that info! Either would be such a huge blessing!! Don’t know how to knit? There are so many GREAT KITS that make it easy for you, step by step instructions and everything you need to create them! Looms small enough for infants HERE.

2. Mow your neighbor’s lawn
This one is easy! Give your neighbors a break and do their lawn for them. This is especially helpful to the elderly especially when there is a heat wave and it’s too dangerous to do it themselves! Or surprise a neighbor when they are out of town. What a treat to come home to!

3. Walk a friend’s dog

Give the dog a nice outing while giving you both some exercise! And give those Doggie parents a break! Get some snuggles & smooches from a pooch and boost those endorphins and get the blood moving!

4. Pick up litter/trash at your local park
Another easy one, but one that makes a HUGE impact! Get outside, get some vitamin D and give back to your community! Make it a challenge to your kids. Who can fill up their bags the fastest OR if we all fill our bags we will go get ice-cream!

5. Leave quarters at 5 vending machines games with a RAK note 
This one has been popular for doing RAK during Christmas time. It’s time for Christmas in JUNE Or JULY! AND This one can be fun for kids and adults! Make some little kids day and leave a quarter to get a bouncy ball or giant gum ball! YUM! AND/OR leave a dollar on an adult machine! Nothing makes you smile more than getting some FREE swedish fish on a bad day. Or how about that Diet Coke?!

6. Buy a lottery ticket for the parents of 5 children to invest in their future
This is kind of an “out there” idea. And it could just be something fine to give to another adult or parent. It’s up to you if you let them know if they win it is for something. Hey, if I won a $50 for my kids future education I would be thrilled and would definitely consider that a RAK!

7. Leave drinks & snacks for your garbage people/ package delivery people on a hot day
This picture says it all! Someone on FB decided to share their RAK and it went viral! Luckily this viral post is spreading joy and kindness! <3 Some cool drinks, water, and FUN snack packs to fill your bucket!!

8. Host a garage sale & donate a % of your proceeds to your charity
Declutter and raise money for a local charity at the same time. Make it a game, who can find the most stuff to sell in the sale, OR who can make the most money in the sale for the charity. Come together as a family to decide what charity should be donated to. Teaching your kids about donating, decluttering, giving away their things and supporting good = DOUBLE WIN!

9. Host a Lemonade stand & giveaway drinks to your community

10. Write a thank you note & leave a gift card or a craft for your postal worker
One of the most unappreciated jobs. And are we not the first to complain when a package is missing or rained on or bent or broken. But do we ever say thank you for the 85% of the time
doing it correctly. And let’s be honest your postal worker is genuinely doing the best they can to ensure your mail and packages are taken care of. Let’s remember to thank them!!

11. Make a sand creation paper weight for a relative with a desk job

12. Braid a friendship bracelet & give a matching one away
So many great options to make these! You can simply grab some skeins of embroidery thread(which are pretty cheap!) and braid away. Or use boondoogle (which is even cheaper!) or grab a kit that comes with letters and spell out their name! This one is extra special for kids to do for each other! Make it a parent kiddo date & think about who’s day you could make with the bracelet!

13. Make a time capsule with a grandparent
This is so much fun for a kiddo and grandparent. Instruct both to collect some of their favorite trinkets, photos, and games. Have each the grandparent and the child pick different things of importance to put in it. Make a record of what and why they were added. Set a date for it to be opened!!

14. Become a penpal with someone in the military
How special would this be. It makes me tear up just envisioning a soldier opening a thank you card from someone they do not know. Find someone to thank in the military HERE . OR find someone to become a penpal with! I am sure many many many of our soldiers are incredibly lonely and some may not have anyone writing to them. Find a penpal and a friend for life! 

15. Make a care package for a military member or college student

This goes along with the one above. Adopt a military personto send a package to or send a package to a cousin, neice, nephew or friend. Find some FUN care packages HERE. 

16. Hand out balloons to moms with kids at your local Target or grocery store w/RAK note
Make a Moms day by making their shopping trip just a little easier! Nothing occupies a kiddo like a balloon, while enabling a Mommy to be able to focus on shopping! PLUS added perk, tie the ballon on their wrist and you won’t lose them in the store! LOL

17. Go to the SPCA and play with animals, take them for walks
If you’re an animal lover this one is for you! Check out where your local SPCA /Animal Shelter HERE – head on over with some extra loving! The SPCA loves donations of animal food, cat litter or treats as well. So make sure you check out my FB page for a DEAL on these items to bring or find some HERE to donate.  If you don’t have the cash no problem, shelters love having volunteers play, snuggle and walk their animals!!

18. Adopt a Grandparent at a Nursing home that you could visit weekly/monthly
Other people who need love, are the elderly. When I attended my college, this was a program that I participated in. It meant absolutely the world to these loving grandparents who often were lonely and went long periods of time without being visited! Find an adopt a grandparent program near you! 

19. Bring beach balls/kids sunglasses to pass out at the beach
How much fun would this be… grab a pack of beach balls, oriental trading always has some cheap packages, blow them up and make a kiddo or families day. Sunglasses work too!

20. Paint rocks and leave them somewhere to make someone’s day!
This is a double fun activity! Not only do you get to do something creative, but how fun to leave for someone else to stumble upon! Let them be inspirational, cute or funny! Paint an animal or write a word! Some communities have groups on FB where people search for others people have done and it becomes a scavenger hunt! What a FUN and CHEAP summer activity!

21. Bring a coffee on a playdate, meeting or church to give to other kiddos parents 
As a Mom, I can tell you how crazy it can be being a parent. Somedays I am lucky to remember to grab my phone out the door…or my own kid! Let alone get myself a coffee! What a blessing to someone to grab them a coffee… add a donut to that, and you will have someone’s heart smiling ALL DAY!
—> If you are a Mom yourself, and don’t have time to grab a coffee for you or anyone else, what about grabbing a few $5 gift cards to give to those Mom’s who are up all night feeding those babies, or running around after all those kiddos! Keep them in your wallet, and pass it out when you see a desperate Mom in need!

22. Record a video or song or dance & send to an out of town relative
Why not give some joy of seeing their grand kid, niece or nephew sing a song or do a dance! Or videos of them doing a crazy jump contest into a pool! I know as an Aunt, and from grandparents experience, nothing lights up the day like an unexpected video or picture! Give those iphones some good use!

23. Go through your closets & donate unused items to charity
Do your closets look like mine? They are jam-packed and need some HELP!! Get some of that extra weight on your shoulders, and weight in your closet out of your home and donate to a great cause! Clean your closets organize your situation. Salvation army is always a favorite AND you can claim them on your taxes! It’s a win – win – win.
24. Bring a game & pick me up items – bring to your local Children’s hospital w/RAK note
Rock tic – tac – toe game HERE

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MORE DIY Craft Projects HERE!!

Giving back with Operation Christmas Child! 

Gymboree Sale On Now!




What’s better than SLIME?! When it’s FREE!! – June 9th!!!

Make and take – FREE SLIME – June 9th!!!

— What is better than SLIME you ask? Well when it is FREE of course!!

Michael’s is providing all the material and the instructions for you and your kiddo to make slime with them on June 9th from 1-3pm!! Check out all the info here at MICHAEL’s Homepage!! So mark your calenders and head on over there! Don’t forget to share with a friend, and we’d love to see your pics from the event! <3

Can’t make it? HERE‘s a kit that is 55% off to make on your own!!

—> It is only $8 and change regulary priced at $22 & ships FREE w/a prime account 😮😮

More fun DIY!!! DIY Glitter Calming & Relaxing bottle!!

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Amazon: 64% off! Snap-N-Store DVD Storage Boxes — Only $6.05 for TWO!

Snap-N-Store DVD Storage Boxes, 15.5 x 5.5 x 7.625 Inches
Black, 2 Boxes per Pack

I love this idea, make your DVDs more neat, organized and put in their place. No more having them scattered all over the place on the floor!

Only $6.05 — makes them $3 a box!!





Crafty Wednesday!! 123 Crafts – for the everyday Mom – BUTTERFLIES & MORE!!

Have a science project & watch the beauty of Metamorphosis in your home!


Open up the conversation with your kids how everyone is beautiful and unique in their own special way! <3

514VULQK5eL._SX425_ 71wfKO+ictL._SX425_

These kits are HIGHLY RATED with VERY positive reviews!

The Butterfly Garden with 5 Caterpillars gives children, students and families an unforgettable opportunity to watch caterpillars change into chrysalides and then emerge as beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies. Raise and feed your very own butterflies and then release them into the wild! The entire transformation from caterpillar to adult butterfly takes about three weeks, depending on the temperature and humidity in your area.

917eaIFwlEL._SY606_Different Kits HERE:

*This kit is $19.99 – you will have to send away with your free voucher ($7.95 shipping fee) for your live butterflies. You receive everything else you need in the kit!

*This kit is $24.99 – you receive 5 live caterpillars INCLUDED with this kit! No sending it away!

*This kit is $29.99 – you receive 10 live caterpillars INCLUDEDwith this kit! No sending it away!


Add to the fun of the project by Learning MORE!

51fmhwbcuHL._SX425_ 51kG66Do7ZL._UX425_ 513sdzPvq0L._SX333_BO1,204,203,200_ 513JX-W208L._SY679_

*National Geographic Readers: Caterpillar to Butterfly- HERE — Only $3.99

*Dress up Wings & Wand – HERE — only $10.61

*Melissa & Doug Happy Giddy Bug Net – HERE – Only $6.99

*Sangu 3D Colorful Butterfly Removable Wall Stickers Decal – HERE – only $1.87!


More about the project: 

A family and classroom favorite for almost 50 years!
Reusable, collapsible habitat.
See butterfly metamorphosis up close.
Includes feeder. Complete instructions included.


If you’d like to see more projects in the future — don’t forget to comment if you are attempting project, so I know you want more! And we would LOVE to see your completed project <3 <3 


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Did you miss the last project?

Find it the BEE project HERE!!





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