About Frugal Deals!

About Frugal Deals!

Thank you so much for stopping by!! I’ll start by giving you some background about myself. If you want to skip to the “Meat and potatoes” jump down to where I have posted our groups!

I am a relatively new Mom to a 1 year old! She is such a bundle of excitement ready to take on the world and really spreads so much joy with her fun-spirited, silly and determined personality! After graduating graduate school  and working full-time for 4 years   to start paying off the massive amount of student loans I had finally made a dent. Enter in baby number 1.  I have been blessed to work part-time be and be a part-time stay at home Mom! But with my income cut-in-half, money was just tight.  I know MANY of us are currently in this same situation, a similar situation or have been in one in the past.

My father grew up in the depression era, and actually became a 
“couponer” & deal finder, before it was cool!! lol I was not allowed to purchase anything, or ask for anything unless we had # 1.) a coupon or 2.) the item was ON SALE. This went for everything; clothing, basketball/ballet shoes, groceries etc.! This has been instilled in my genes since day one. When money get’s tight and the best interests of your family is on the line, a determination quality steps in & up to the plate!!

Enter in….Frugal Deals Delivered!!


I started saving us the extra money we needed by searching high and low for the best deals…mainly online. Let me explain myself with this. Having an infant, running to 3-4 stores to get the very best deal or even one sometimes is just impossible. So I found my solution online. I started saving lot’s of money by buying sales and finding freebies! I started letting other moms, friends & family in on these sales and they nudged me to share with more and more people. I realized quickly, that I truly loved helping others save money and time. I personally do not have time to go to 5 different stores with a pile of coupons to save money. It just doesn’t work for me now that I have a baby. I know many other Moms in the same boat. (If you are a Mom or Dad who does this…you seriously ROCK my SOCKS! I really have no idea how you do this!!) My family and friends had claimed that I had found my special niche…I created a group and it took off. I found a new PASSION in saving Family’s time & money by finding the deals FOR YOU and putting them in one spot!

Let me give you some places to start on how you can start saving money! Make sure you follow the groups on Facebook for the most update to date deals!! More information can be found at each of these pages. I post deals as soon as I see them – from everyday necessities like cleaning supplies and toilet paper to baby and kiddo clothing, toys & diapers, to crafting supplies! Start substituting these deals for what you buy typically and you will see the savings add up!




From my family to yours, thank you so much for stopping by and reading about Frugal Deals! I hope my passion can help your family save some much needed time and money for the most important things in life <3 I always value your feedback!! Feel free to contact me for any reason: FrugalDealsDelivered@gmail.com



Frugal Deals Delivered Disclosure

I make product recommendations based on my experience as a mom and a deal researcher. The recommendations made are my own opinion. I make every effort to provide accurate, timely information, but am not responsible for errors, omissions or promotions that are not longer valid. In some cases (not all), I am an affiliate for a company or retailer I am recommending.  When purchases are made through these links, Frugal Deals Delivered may be compensated with a very small referral fee. There is no cost to you as the consumer. The majority of the time, the price is the same as it would be to any other customer. In some cases, Frugal Deals Delivered can provide additional savings based on its relationship with the retailer. Thank you for supporting Frugal Deals Delivered!

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