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Pencil Packs all you need to bulk order – listed in ONE PLACE!! Operation Christmas Child (OCC)

Pencil Packs all you need to bulk order – listed in ONE PLACE!!

You all know how passionate I am about Operation Christmas Child! Every year my family and friends commit to putting together more! SO I have mixed my passion for OCC with my passion for saving money – and I have learned how to get bulk supplies, quality supplies at the lowest rates possible over the past 8 years! I enjoy putting these posts together to help other shoebox packers like myself save money so that MORE children can be impacted with more shoeboxes spreading the love of Jesus to more and more children! AMEN!

— These ideas were taken from the group Deals for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes by Frugal Deals! Make sure you head on over & join so you don’t miss LIVE sales! AND don’t forget to PIN this post for later to come back to it, to share with your church or friend <3 <3

What to include & where to find it in bulk:

***(You will see some Affiliate links below in the posted article. FDD may receive a small %, with no cost to you, if purchased through link provided.)****

144 pencils for only $8.43 (after using subscribe & save) perfect to grab for your kids classroom, filling up backpack charities or donations!! It makes them $0.08 a pencil!HERE. Some people enjoy sending pens as well. Pens are pretty easy to find depending on the amount you’d like to send. 🙂 Here is a big bulk deal of 500 pens from Dollar days or options for 144 pens at Amazon in BIC brand, or even check eBay for deals onmisprinted Pens & sometimes you can get pretty lucky!!
Ticonderoga pencils are also super popular because they are incredibly durable and last a long time. They jump on sale every once again on Amazon. Be sure to check those out!

With pencils, you’ll want to include a sharpener! I have used THESE type for many years. I usually include 2, just in case one fails. The top doesn’t always stay on, but they do work very well! However, some people perfer spending a little more money and buying THESE sharpeners. They are a bit more heavy duty and can fit 2 sized pencils! I have heard great feedback about them!

Scissors are difficult to find for a good price year round. Most people I have talked to, find their scissors in the walmart clearance isles. Checkout Walmart clearance HERE. The walmarts around me, never seem to have a good clearance section however. So I have had to stick to Dollar Tree scissors for $0.50 each. Dollar Days also carries a nice bulk scissor option, at $0.43 cents a pair of a case of 500+ which is perfect for bulk! Amazon also has some decent sales on scissors if you catch them at the right time!
*** NEW SCISSOR FIND on Amazon — currently only $0.38 each at the time of post!!! I WOULD RUN and grab these, don’t know how long this price will stick around!

Including rulers and calculators are always a great addition. Again this goes to the packers discretion as to whether to include or not. If you do include a calculator like these ones (which through stories likes this one through OCC, have been deemed valuable for the recipients and their families to conduct business transactions!!) I would definitely recommend solar vs. batteries, to avoid more garbage and so they do not need to replace them! 🙂 Rulers are great because they are FLAT and do not take up any space at all. They can use them for math, drawing etc. These short 6in ones are only $0.16 each or 12 inc. rulers are $0.21 each.  Or grab these FULL SIZE ones from amazon — a 60 pack for about $0.33 each!
Based on some feedback – PROTRACTORS are a great addition too. Some use instead of rulers and some include both. The nice thing about protractors is they are multi-use and actually have more uses than a ruler! Find a sweet 28 pack from Amazon here! 

Time for the GLUESTICKS, because just like cutting paper… glueing projects is JUST as fun! These make doing arts and crafts doable for a lot of children you may not have had the opportunity! I prefer elmers over other brands bc they don’t dry out as quickly and some cheaper brands don’t “GLUE” very well.. seriously! I know some other brands may be slightly cheaper and I am totally ok with others including those   If you prefer elmers like myself, these are $0.20 each  at the time of posting!  

Erasers can be up to the preference of the sender. Some love the pencil top erasers(I have gotten this exact brand from Amazon for several years, they are great quality and I have never been disappointed!), the big chunky pink erasers you can find HERE in bulk! I have also used the DOLLARDAYS website for ordering many things for my shoeboxes. You do have to pay shipping unless you buy a minimum amount (which changes depends on the sale). However, if you speak to a customer service rep, they will often give you a discount % if you tell them you are using for charity!


And I’ll end with PENCIL POUCHES!! It is difficult to find a good price for pencil pouches in bulk. BUT I found these SUPER HERO pencil pouches on Alli-express for $0.68 each, OR these adorable animal pouches are only $0.64 each. You can order 1 at a time, just make sure you order enough ahead because it takes a couple months to get here. Good if you need 5-10!   —–>>>> Moving on to BULK pencil pouches. The best I could find was at Dollar Days and range b/w $0.56-$0.81 depending on how many you order. They come in neutral colors, or the pinks/purples version!

Pencil Pouches is another if you only have a few to buy, watch sales in September, sometimes you can find them for about $0.50-$0.99 in get ready for school season sales!! I actually opted to make my own pencil pouches using ziploc bags and duct tape! I hope to make a post on this in the future! <3


Another piece of feedback was to include paper clips! They are cheap and can be used for many things! For school, papers, as tools or even to fold and bend as toys! OR you can actually make a FISHING HOOK from a paper clip or safety pin!! You can get 30 boxes of 100 ct per box HERE for the BEST bulk deal! OR 10 boxes of 100 ct. HERE! Binder clips are another fantastic idea to add to the boxes! Not only for the obvious school benefit, but they can be super strong to clip up clothes to dry or even a tarp or covering! Binder clips are a FANTASTIC idea to include!!

Colored Pencils, Crayons, Notebooks and MORE I have found to have the best luck at  WALMART at the beginning of School in August/September depending on where you live! I definitely encourage you to include these as those can bring so much joy to a child, they take great pride in their school supplies!! This is a bulk set of 800 Crayola Crayons that teacher’s rave about. You can grab this box and divy them up into baggies for the shoeboxes! Always an option if you miss a back to school sale!

OR if you’d like pre-packaged crayons – check this one out on Amazon. 144 packs of 4 crayons! If 4 is not enough, add 2 or 3 packs! 😀 They can share with a sibling or a friend! 144 packs at the time of posting!

—-> Make sure to remove ALL SUPPLIES from their PACKAGING!! NO packaging need to be sent in the shoeboxes! OCC has made this very clear as most regions where the shoeboxes land they do not have a proper way to get rid of trash. So even if you think it makes them look pretty and new, it ends up polluting the area! Please do the region a favor and properly recycle it here! 😀 

Once you get those pencils, you’ll definitely want and need to sharpen them. Yes you include sharpeners, but it is definitely nice for the kiddos to at least have a few sharpened so they can use them right away!!

If you have large batches of pencils to sharpen before sending like I do (2000 to be exact) check this deal out. I read the reviews throughly and just placed my order as it can handle large batches & doesn’t overheat, sharpens to the tip and stops so you don’t over sharpen, accommodates different sized pencils and accommodates a large amount of shavings! (This info is per the reviews) —-> It’s on sale for $36 off!!

Did this help you? Leave us a comment below!!!

What more help with OCC? Check out my post —> Best $1 store finds for the OCC Shoebox Packer!!

— These ideas were taken from the group Deals for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes by Frugal Deals! Make sure you head on over & join so you don’t miss LIVE sales! AND don’t forget to PIN this post for later to come back to it, to share with your church or friend <3 <3

BEST finds at $1 store and Amazon for your OCC Shoeboxes within your budget!

Some Ideas & Essentials to pack in your shoeboxes

– Buy in bulk to save!!

Go here to learn more about Operation Christmas Child!!

Need more information on HOW to pack a shoebox or WHAT to put in the shoebox? GO HERE – this is the official Operation Christmas Child list of items to pack!

For the past 4 years my family, friends and I have fundraised and searched high and low for the best and most items to pack in our shoeboxes! We started at 20 and last year filled 60! We like them overflowing so I am CONSTANTLY looking for the best bulk deals!! This post is to share what I have found, and hey check out the pics from our packing parties 🙂

****(DISCLOSURE: FDD is an affiliate of both Amazon and DollarTree. There is a potential by purchasing through some links in this post that FDD may receive a small percentage of sale which does not effect your purchase price.)

Here is what I found below:

** Don’t forget your WOW item, this should be something the child opens and first sees! Something that makes them hug the item and feel loved! Don’t forget these kids may have never owned their very own! We want to show them the love of Jesus and having something to snuggle and show love to themselves is a great start!!  This can be a doll or cuddly soft stuffed animal! Here’s some options from the Dollar Tree or from Amazon 🙂

– 4 ct. Toothbrushes w/ plastic travel
case $1 per pack 
– Soccer pumps $1 each
– 3 count Car packs $1 each 
– Toolboxes $1 each 
– 4 piece tool set $1 each
– 2 pack of scissors – $1 per set
– Manicure set – $1 each 
 – Travel Sewing Kit – $1 each


-72 pencil sharpeners – currently priced at $6.95  w/FREE prime ship!

144 ct #2 Pencils – currently priced at $9.98 w/ FREE prime ship!

– 24 Backpacks!! – currently only $3.95 EACH w/FREE prime ship!

-72 Packs of Floss – currently priced at $39.95 w/FREE prime ship!

-100 toothbrushes!! – currently priced at $24.95 w/FREE prime ship!

– 72 nail clippers for $19.99 w/ FREE prime ship!

– 72 Lip Balms – currently priced at only $25 w/FREE prime ship!

– 144 Eraser Tops – currently priced at $4.39 w/ FREE prime ship!

– 2000 Safety pins – great for sewing kits only $7.99 w/FREE prime ship!

– 250 Crayons – currently priced at $11.49  w/ FREE prime ship!

-250 bouncy balls – currently priced at $19 w/ FREE prime ship!

– 100 Sewing kits – currently priced at $9.99 w/free prime ship!

-50 pack of Microfiber Washcloths – currently priced at $19.98 (8/21/17) w/FREE prime ship!

-10 pack of drawstring backpacks – currently priced at $1.59 each (8/21/17) w/FREE prime ship!

-10 pack of Finger puppets — currently priced at $2.83 w/ Free shipping!

-6 pack of Soccer balls & pumps – currently priced at $39.99 w/ Free ship!

-18 pack of jump ropes – currently priced at $12.57 w/ free prime ship!

-72 ct. of Combs! – currently priced at $7.17 with subscribe & save!

OR even better 240 ct 5″ combs – currently priced at $9.84 w/ FREE ship!

– 100 die cast cars assortment – currently priced at $18.99 w/FREE prime ship!

-6 Soccer pumps with metal tips – currently priced at $13.99 w/ FREE shipping!

-1000 piece lego pack – currently priced at $25.99 w/ FREE prime shipping!

-Pack of 1200 pom poms (great for Tic /Tac /Toe)! currently priced $7.89!

– 1 Lb of Pony beads (great for bracelets) currently priced at $4.98!

-24 ct. Neon Sunglasses – currently priced at $15.99!

-50 Girls headbands – currently only $8.99 w/FREE prime ship!

-25ct. 8″ Beach balls!! – currently priced at $11.95!!

-12 Aprons – currently priced at only $6!!

-36 pack of Watercolor paints – currently priced at $25.99!

-144 pack of paintbrushes! – currently priced at $12.18!

-300 pipe cleaners & 100 wiggly eyes – currently priced at $8.99!

18-Pack LED Flashlight Set w/ Batteries Inc – currently priced at $23.99!

*** ALWAYS Be aware that prices are fluctuating on Amazon – the prices are the current prices are as of 8/21/17 but are subject to change at anytime without warning. Check the price before purchasing 🙂 ***

—> Challenge you and your family this year, can you double the boxes you make?

PLEASE feel free to *SHARE* this post with your packing party friends, Facebook friends etc! The more friends we have donating goodies for shoeboxes (whether they decide to create their own shoeboxes or donate single items) the MORE CHILDREN we can reach with the gospel of Jesus Christ <3 

—> Follow us on Facebook HERE and save money all year — helping families save time & money for the most important things in life 😉

Amazon: Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Singin Soccer Ball – only $11!!

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Singin Soccer Ball
Only $11.00 (reg. $14.99)


More Product Info:

Encourages learning through active play
Three interactive play modes: Learning, Music & Imagination
Songs & phrases introduce teamwork & taking turns
Press, shake or roll the soft soccer ball to activate music & fun sounds
Teaches numbers, counting, colors, opposites, sportsmanship & more. he sound might be lower than what it is in the try me mode as this product is designed for children between 6-36 months and a baby may put the product up to their ear.

How to save Big Bucks next Birthday, Christmas, Wedding or Holiday!

How to save BIG BUCKS when you celebrate the next Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding or Holiday….

Buying cards for every occasion ADDS up when you think about it! Cards are such a nice sentiment, I would never tell you to not send a card to be frugal, but when you are spending $4 to sometimes $6 a card, that adds up without you even realizing it! Read on….

(**I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.**)

DID you know???

There are over 6,500 Dollar Tree stores nationwide and on August 30th every store will carry Expressions from Hallmark, $1 each and Heartline a Hallmark company, 2 for $1. With hundreds of new greeting cards to choose from, you can celebrate every moment with your friends and family without breaking the bank!

You can get basically any theme you would like to. There are Happy Birthday, Christmas, Halloween, other holidays, Anniversary, Wedding, Baby, Congratulations, Thank you, Mother’s/Father’s/Grandparents Day, Get Well and more!

AND did I mention Hallmark has Disney options! You know anything with Disney is usually at least double or triple the price. Nope! These were still only $1!! WOW! We love Disney in our house, and love giving Disney cards for birthdays to other friends! So I definitely grabbed some of those!

These are not cheap flimsy  cards, that you would think would cost you $0.50-$1 each. They are the same quality that in a Rite Aid or Walgreens or CVS are $3.89!!! WHAT — in an pharmacy-like stores they are almost $4! So you KNOW these are high quality. AND see my pic on the right. I did my best to take a picture of the shimmery, glittered cardstock front of the card. I was very impressed. They don’t feel like paper folded in half and actually have embellishments as well!

I was thrilled to find even sweet faith filled cards from the Joyfully Yours collection which features Christian sentiments and scripture. These are my favorite cards, that can be uplifting, supportive and encouraging.  I could not be happier to a wide selection to choose from!

Even more cards at the Dollar Tree!!

—> On August 30th, the following cards will also be available at select stores:
Mahogany:  Mahogany enhances emotional connections among family, friends, and the community, and celebrates what is most beloved about Black culture.
Vida: VIDA expresses the voice of Latinos across generations, bringing them closer together to celebrate life’s special moments.
Tree Of Life: Tree of Life brings Jewish family and friends together to celebrate their faith and culture by honoring meaningful holidays and milestones.
Joyfully Yours: Joyfully Yours lets family and friends express their faith in just the right way during holidays, special occasions, and moments big and small.

Add another gift from the Dollar Tree!

Whether you are adding a gift card, or don’t have a gift yet. Check out these options that will cost you $1 out of pocket!

of pocket and are great for ALL ages!! Other options to include with your gift, that are good quality and cheap!

#1 – All you need is your favorite picture to add to these Picture frames!! 

#2 – Spruce up those picture frames? Add some embellishments!

#3 – I am in LOVE with these 3d wall sentiment boxes!! 

#4 – Or these inspirational wall signs!!

#5 – Or gift any of these beautiful FALL decor! Send a scarecrow my way! SO CUTE!

**I was compensated for this post. This post also contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.




Stylish Summer Maternity Must-Haves!! Bathing Suits, Overalls & Dresses.. OH MY!

Stylish Summer Maternity Must-Haves!!

Bathing Suits, Overalls & Dresses.. OH MY!

JoJo Maman Bebe’s occasionwear is designed to see you through your pregnancy in style and comfort. Because JoJo Maman Bebe understands that wearing the right maternity clothes makes all the difference, its designs are specifically created to keep you feeling chic at every stage of your pregnancy.

Here are a few of our favorite pieces from the occasionwear collection, which features cute and colorful dresses to wear all throughout the spring and summer.  And don’t forget your bathing suit to sit by the pool and the adorable overalls that fit over that bump to make you feel hip, stylish and comfortable!

Maternity Lightwash Overalls 

Such a playful but stylish daytime look. Ease comfort with style all in one! Made to fit with your growing belly. The overalls feature adjustable side openings, helping to provide the perfect fit as your shape changes.


Red Embroidered Maternity & Nursing Dress

A stunning option for weekend brunch or a summer night out, this embroidered maternity and nursing dress is sure to impress. The relaxed, loose style keeps you cool and comfortable while the delicate embroidery adds some extra interest. Pair with white sandals for an effortless summer look. A dress that can be worn during and after pregnancy. That’s a win -win in our book!

Black Floral Maternity Maxi Tea Dress


JoJo Maman Bebe took the maxi dress you love and turned it into a stunning maternity piece. As if the style wasn’t comfortable enough on its own, this design features a waist tie that you can adjust to accommodate your growing belly. Slip on black slides and a long pendant necklace for instant boho style.


Cream Floral Maternity Dress

Don’t let your pregnancy hold you back from the many summer events you have planned. This elegant piece is perfect for a party, wedding, or casual daytime outings. It’s lined with natural fibers that keep you comfortable and cool on hot days and has an adjustable waist tie that ensures the perfect fit.


Maternity Bathing Suit options

These baby bomb-shell bathing suit options, are best sellers at Jojo Maman’s Bebe! They allow for room for your baby while providing support for any stage of your pregnancy. The stylish tankini offers the freedom of a 2-piece with all the coverage and support of a 1-piece. Designed to grow with your belly, the drawstrings on either side can be pulled to adjust the length around your belly for a perfect custom fit.



24 CHEAP Random Acts of Kindness (RAKs) for kids/families this summer!

24 CHEAP Random Acts of Kindness RAKs 

for kids/families this summer!

Teaching Children to leave a Path of Kindness – One RAK at a time!! <3


FREEBIE: Keep track of which ones you complete this summer!

HERE: Summer RAK Free Printable PDF

You’ve been RAK-ed FREE Printable!

Download this FREE PRINTABLE PDF – we would LOVE to know where our RAKs take you! <3



***(You will see some Affiliate links below in the posted article. FDD may receive a small %, with no cost to you, if purchased through link provided.)****
1. Knit a hat – for your local NICU, Children’s hospital or OCC
I love this one. As a recipient of a knitted hat in the NICU, such a small act of kindness made such an impact to our family and our newest addition. It was something from outside the hospital walls and something that brought a smile to my face when I saw it. NICU babies must wear a cap to keep their heat in so they are greatly needed! OR Operation Christmas Child would love to accept your knitted hat, scarf, gloves, socks for their shoeboxes. They go to kids who most likely do not receive any gifts at Christmas, they also get to hear all about the love that Jesus has for them so it is a WIN WIN! If you need an address to send them to, please contact me, and I can give you that info! Either would be such a huge blessing!! Don’t know how to knit? There are so many GREAT KITS that make it easy for you, step by step instructions and everything you need to create them! Looms small enough for infants HERE.

2. Mow your neighbor’s lawn
This one is easy! Give your neighbors a break and do their lawn for them. This is especially helpful to the elderly especially when there is a heat wave and it’s too dangerous to do it themselves! Or surprise a neighbor when they are out of town. What a treat to come home to!

3. Walk a friend’s dog

Give the dog a nice outing while giving you both some exercise! And give those Doggie parents a break! Get some snuggles & smooches from a pooch and boost those endorphins and get the blood moving!

4. Pick up litter/trash at your local park
Another easy one, but one that makes a HUGE impact! Get outside, get some vitamin D and give back to your community! Make it a challenge to your kids. Who can fill up their bags the fastest OR if we all fill our bags we will go get ice-cream!

5. Leave quarters at 5 vending machines games with a RAK note 
This one has been popular for doing RAK during Christmas time. It’s time for Christmas in JUNE Or JULY! AND This one can be fun for kids and adults! Make some little kids day and leave a quarter to get a bouncy ball or giant gum ball! YUM! AND/OR leave a dollar on an adult machine! Nothing makes you smile more than getting some FREE swedish fish on a bad day. Or how about that Diet Coke?!

6. Buy a lottery ticket for the parents of 5 children to invest in their future
This is kind of an “out there” idea. And it could just be something fine to give to another adult or parent. It’s up to you if you let them know if they win it is for something. Hey, if I won a $50 for my kids future education I would be thrilled and would definitely consider that a RAK!

7. Leave drinks & snacks for your garbage people/ package delivery people on a hot day
This picture says it all! Someone on FB decided to share their RAK and it went viral! Luckily this viral post is spreading joy and kindness! <3 Some cool drinks, water, and FUN snack packs to fill your bucket!!

8. Host a garage sale & donate a % of your proceeds to your charity
Declutter and raise money for a local charity at the same time. Make it a game, who can find the most stuff to sell in the sale, OR who can make the most money in the sale for the charity. Come together as a family to decide what charity should be donated to. Teaching your kids about donating, decluttering, giving away their things and supporting good = DOUBLE WIN!

9. Host a Lemonade stand & giveaway drinks to your community

10. Write a thank you note & leave a gift card or a craft for your postal worker
One of the most unappreciated jobs. And are we not the first to complain when a package is missing or rained on or bent or broken. But do we ever say thank you for the 85% of the time
doing it correctly. And let’s be honest your postal worker is genuinely doing the best they can to ensure your mail and packages are taken care of. Let’s remember to thank them!!

11. Make a sand creation paper weight for a relative with a desk job

12. Braid a friendship bracelet & give a matching one away
So many great options to make these! You can simply grab some skeins of embroidery thread(which are pretty cheap!) and braid away. Or use boondoogle (which is even cheaper!) or grab a kit that comes with letters and spell out their name! This one is extra special for kids to do for each other! Make it a parent kiddo date & think about who’s day you could make with the bracelet!

13. Make a time capsule with a grandparent
This is so much fun for a kiddo and grandparent. Instruct both to collect some of their favorite trinkets, photos, and games. Have each the grandparent and the child pick different things of importance to put in it. Make a record of what and why they were added. Set a date for it to be opened!!

14. Become a penpal with someone in the military
How special would this be. It makes me tear up just envisioning a soldier opening a thank you card from someone they do not know. Find someone to thank in the military HERE . OR find someone to become a penpal with! I am sure many many many of our soldiers are incredibly lonely and some may not have anyone writing to them. Find a penpal and a friend for life! 

15. Make a care package for a military member or college student

This goes along with the one above. Adopt a military personto send a package to or send a package to a cousin, neice, nephew or friend. Find some FUN care packages HERE. 

16. Hand out balloons to moms with kids at your local Target or grocery store w/RAK note
Make a Moms day by making their shopping trip just a little easier! Nothing occupies a kiddo like a balloon, while enabling a Mommy to be able to focus on shopping! PLUS added perk, tie the ballon on their wrist and you won’t lose them in the store! LOL

17. Go to the SPCA and play with animals, take them for walks
If you’re an animal lover this one is for you! Check out where your local SPCA /Animal Shelter HERE – head on over with some extra loving! The SPCA loves donations of animal food, cat litter or treats as well. So make sure you check out my FB page for a DEAL on these items to bring or find some HERE to donate.  If you don’t have the cash no problem, shelters love having volunteers play, snuggle and walk their animals!!

18. Adopt a Grandparent at a Nursing home that you could visit weekly/monthly
Other people who need love, are the elderly. When I attended my college, this was a program that I participated in. It meant absolutely the world to these loving grandparents who often were lonely and went long periods of time without being visited! Find an adopt a grandparent program near you! 

19. Bring beach balls/kids sunglasses to pass out at the beach
How much fun would this be… grab a pack of beach balls, oriental trading always has some cheap packages, blow them up and make a kiddo or families day. Sunglasses work too!

20. Paint rocks and leave them somewhere to make someone’s day!
This is a double fun activity! Not only do you get to do something creative, but how fun to leave for someone else to stumble upon! Let them be inspirational, cute or funny! Paint an animal or write a word! Some communities have groups on FB where people search for others people have done and it becomes a scavenger hunt! What a FUN and CHEAP summer activity!

21. Bring a coffee on a playdate, meeting or church to give to other kiddos parents 
As a Mom, I can tell you how crazy it can be being a parent. Somedays I am lucky to remember to grab my phone out the door…or my own kid! Let alone get myself a coffee! What a blessing to someone to grab them a coffee… add a donut to that, and you will have someone’s heart smiling ALL DAY!
—> If you are a Mom yourself, and don’t have time to grab a coffee for you or anyone else, what about grabbing a few $5 gift cards to give to those Mom’s who are up all night feeding those babies, or running around after all those kiddos! Keep them in your wallet, and pass it out when you see a desperate Mom in need!

22. Record a video or song or dance & send to an out of town relative
Why not give some joy of seeing their grand kid, niece or nephew sing a song or do a dance! Or videos of them doing a crazy jump contest into a pool! I know as an Aunt, and from grandparents experience, nothing lights up the day like an unexpected video or picture! Give those iphones some good use!

23. Go through your closets & donate unused items to charity
Do your closets look like mine? They are jam-packed and need some HELP!! Get some of that extra weight on your shoulders, and weight in your closet out of your home and donate to a great cause! Clean your closets organize your situation. Salvation army is always a favorite AND you can claim them on your taxes! It’s a win – win – win.
24. Bring a game & pick me up items – bring to your local Children’s hospital w/RAK note
Rock tic – tac – toe game HERE

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MORE DIY Craft Projects HERE!!

Giving back with Operation Christmas Child! 

Gymboree Sale On Now!




Prime Pantry – *BEST FRUGAL DEALS* for December!


This post has a TON of helpful links & tips <—-

Need to know more about Prime Pantry? More details on how it works HERE!

BEST LINKS – to check out prior to placing your order! 

Buy 5 of THESE ITEMS and save $6 on your whole order!!

—> This month you can get an extra $6 discount off  with adding any 5 combo of the items on this page (I usually do cleaning supplies, baby oatmeal etc.) A LOT of the eligible items have coupons to stack!! — this means you are getting a DOUBLE DISCOUNT!!

Links filtered LOW to high priced items: 
** Beauty & Grooming in Prime Pantry
** Household/ Cleaning in Prime Pantry
** Food & Beverages in Prime Pantry
** Baby products in Prime pantry
AND DON’T FORGET —> Prime Pantry coupons

The BEST part if you have credit for free shipping you will get FREE shipping with this code and an additional $5.99 off with your credit!! Make sure you ALWAYS select get FREE pantry credit when you check out! Save $10.99 when you PAIR this credit with 5 of the items to qualify for FREE ship!

Great deals for DECEMBER — Updated throughout the month!!

HOT HOT HOT —> Save $5 with code PANTRY5 at checkout 

From Dec. 08, 2017 to Jan. 01, 2018

Must enter promo code ‘PANTRY5‘ at checkout.

Valid for Pantry orders of $40 or more.


Tampax Pocket Pearl Plastic Tampons, Regular – 36 ct — Only $4.99 w/ $2.00 coupon!

Chocolate Chex Cereal, Gluten-Free Cereal — Only $1.75 w/ $0.50 coupon!

Sparkle Paper Towels, 6 Big Rolls = 8 reg. rolls — Only $4.59 w/20% coupon!


The First Years GumDrop Newborn Pacifier — Only $1.95

Mountain Falls Baby Shampoo, 20 Fluid Ounce — Only: $2.18

Johnson’s Tiny Traveler – 5 items — Only $3.86!


 Viva 6 ct. Paper towel – Only $4.99 w/ $1 off coupon
Jet Puffed Marshmellow bits (GREAT for Hot Chocolate!!) – only $1.59!

Dunkin Donuts Original Coffee 10 ct – Only $5.95

M&M Christmas Party Bag 42 oz – Only $9.89 w/10% coupon!

Gushers MEGA Pack – 20 ct – Only: $4.88

Oxi-Clean – 5lb tub! Only: $9.35

Arm & Hammer – Clump & Seal  15 lb – Only: $7.54

Clorox Scrub Singles – Bathroom* – Only $3.12

—-> *(One of the buy 5 items get $6 off!)

all Liquid Laundry Detergent, Free Clear for Sensitive Skin, 94.5 Fluid Ounces, 63 Loads  – $7.12
Planters Peanuts, Dry Roasted & Lightly Salted, 16 Ounce Jar  – only: $3.00
Downy April Fresh Liquid Fabric Conditioner (Fabric Softener), 103 FL OZ  – only $7.99 

Mug Root Beer Cans (12 Count, 12 Fl Oz Each)* – Only: $3.33 

—-> *(One of the buy 5 items get $6 off!)

 —-> *(One of the buy 5 items get $6 off!)
 —-> *(One of the buy 5 items get $6 off!)

NEW SECTION ADDED to Prime Pantry!!!

Get an additional 10% off already Clearanced items!! 




Keep stopping by for additions to the Prime Pantry deals

AND don’t miss out on other deals posted DAILY!






The BEST Deals from 7/1 Recapped from Frugal Deals Delivered!


BEST Deals for 7/1 from Frugal Deals Delivered!
Want these sent to your email daily M-F? Email me at to be added to the list!

–> See ALL the deals from TODAY on the homepage of FDD HERE

An EXTRA 20% off on Patio & Garden Tools!
Many tools, lawn mower, saws, blower, pole saw!

40% off PUMA Men’s Sneakers!


You can NEVER have enough wipes! LOL

As low as $9.19 w/5+ items in your Subscribe & Save!
After you clip the $1 off coupon!

Gillette Women’s Venus Swirl w/ 1 Refill
Only $2.86 (reg. $8) w/$5 off coupon!

NEW PRICE DROP! Kinsa Smart Thermometer
(Last time the price drop didn’t last long and went back to $25!)
No battery needed – keeps track of temp for you!
Only $14.99 (reg. $25) + FREE ship!

91w8L5KfIiL._SX522_ 81e1ajJmaKL._SX522_81HU8JJynYL._SX425_

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap, Rhubarb, (Pack of 3)
Only: $7.31 w/20% off coupon

Fisher-Price Infant-To-Toddler Rocker
Only $24.88 (reg $39.99)!!

Stack It Peg Game With Board Occupational Therapy Fine Motor Skills
Only $9.99!!

81DV-R98RqL._SX425_ 61chug4MbkL._SX425_ 81qEz6J26lL._SX425_ 81OwDezph0L._SX425_
Oh my goodness I had to grab one of these for beach, parks, lounging etc!
Only $5.08 for blue + $1 ship!
Other colors between $5-$6.65!
Light Blue

71qgg7gxh3L._SX522_ 91Xip7ElzXL._SX522_6188EGvVrOL._SY550_images

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers 40 Count Variety Pack,
Only $15.38 w/20% off coupon

Tampax Radiant Plastic Unscented Regular Absorbency 16 Count
Only: $2.79 w/ $1 off coupon!

SmartyPants Adult Complete And Fiber Gummy Vitamins
Only $23.37
SmartyPants Kids Complete Gummy Vitamins
Only $12.05
SmartyPants PreNatal Complete Gummy Vitamins
Only $19.89
All vitamins after $6 off coupon and Subscribe & Save


The Peanuts Movie – Amazon Video
BUY this movie for only $4.99!

TONS of sizes for $18 in Purple & Citron! Best prices & sizes listed below 🙂
Saucony little kid & big kid shoes reg. $36-$40!!

Price = $15.90 –> Size 10 M Black/Green
Price = $18.00 –> ALL sizes 4.5-12 M Pink/Purple/Citron
Price = $19.95 —> Size 4.5 M US Toddler Color Green/white

Linon Laredo Storage Bench
Only $115 (reg. $168!!)

Prank crib dribbler!
Only $6.89 — great way to tell a father, you’re expecting! Or a baby shower gift or a prank for a friend! I LOLed when I saw this!

71qbIX2YqsL._UX500_ 71a-q6g87VL._SX425_51O9jfdIm2L._SX425_


015924-00 023979-00 016409-00 020931-00024501-00  024518-00

Now’s the time to checkout Hollar!!!
Get 20% Off & Free Shipping on Your First Order with Code: MYFIRSTHAUL
**MOST ITEMS are $2-3 each!! Seriously!!!**

A great site for discounted name brand toys & clothes! I have gotten Nike hoodies, the HUGE Pillow pets, Melissa & Doug, Disney movies etc.

Even if you order from it once & use your free shipping code, it’s worth it! Let me know if you grab a box! My first box arrived in about 1-2 weeks 🙂


Heads up to Melissa & Doug Fans!!
Melissa & Doug® are having a MAJOR Sale for the 4th!

Use code JULY4 to get 17.76% off ALL toys on the site!
AND pair it with the FREESHIP25 code to get FREE shipping on your order over $25! + FREE shipping! Striped Maxi Skirt – only $11.99 (reg. $25!) + this item ships FOR FREE!!

Striped Maxi Skirt – only $11.99 (reg. $25!)
This is SUPER cute – and looks good for any occasion!





A good maxi skirt can be a girls best friend. Combine ultimate comfort with great style and you’ll get this skirt. This uber soft striped maxi skirt will look great with your favorite graphic t-shirt. Let this skirt take you from the grocery store to date night with ease.

Soft striped maxi skirt that has a little stretch.

Color: Black/White
Fabric Content: 95% Polyester, 5% Spandex
Care: Machine wash cold, gentle cycle. Tumble dry low.

Small: 0-4 (Waist: 25″ Length: 42″)
Medium: 6-8 (27″ Length: 42″)
Large: 10-12 (Waist: 30″ Length: 43″)


Highly Rated Graco Nautilus 65 LX 3-in-1 Harness Booster, Pierce Only $132.94 (reg $170)

Highly Rated Graco Nautilus 65 LX 3-in-1 Harness Booster, Pierce
Only $132.94 (reg $170)

Shipped FREE to your door!!!

91XPhCYdmxL._SX522_ 81TcTTPNhiL._SL1500_ 818-19Xx-oL._SX522_



More Product Info: 

3-in-1 harness booster helps protect your child, from toddler to youth
Harness booster (22 – 65 lb.), highback booster (30 – 100 lb.), backless booster (40 – 120 lb.)
Simply Safe Adjust Harness System adjusts the height of your harness and headrest, in one motion, to ensure that your child is always properly secured
3-position recline helps keep your growing child comfy
Side-impact tested for occupant retention with built-in 5-point harness system

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