Subscribe & Save VS. Prime Pantry


Subscribe & Save vs. Prime Pantry

All the different services amazon offers can be confusing. Let me break it down for you!

Let’s start with Subscribe & Save (S&S):

So S&S is a subscription service, comes once monthly, so you have about 30 days to get all the items you want to ship in your subscribe & save shipment. You get an ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT (can I get a WHOOP!!) depending on the amount of items you have subscribed for! You WILL get an email prior to shipment letting you know it’s about to ship, so you can change or alter your shipment then.

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S&S offers GREAT coupons at times…A LOT of the coupons are for Amazon Family Members only. (Amazon Family is FREE to sign up HERE.) You can cancel those products after your item ships without any penalty. Make sure you cancel it AFTER it ships, or when you receive it!

With S&S there is NO shipping charge! They give you an additional 5% off which allows them to charge you less bc everything you put in your S&S ship together; ultimately saving Amazon money! I always get at least 5 items in my S&S; even if last minute I find a $1 item bc it gives you an extra 15% off! I recommend it!

I immediately cancel after I receive (so I do not forget) because coupons are ONLY good for the FIRST shipment! Coupons cycle around, so I always watch FRUGAL DEALS for that product to come back and add again for when I need it next!  It is EASY to cancel and you receive no penalty to cancel. As soon as I receive the order I log onto my account: —> subscribe & save —> cancel subscription. And that’s it! Easy peesy!

—-> Don’t skip reading this: I get a lot of questions about this: You WILL NOT see the discounted price in your order history until it ships. That makes people nervous, but as soon as it ships they discount the coupon. Also, the initial email of you purchasing should show you the discounted price. I count on my Subscribe & Save order every month, there are some SERIOUSLY LOW discounts!

One more question: If the price changes before it ships, will I be charged a higher price then when it is ordered?

Answer: Directly from Amazon’s page — if you KEEP the subscription past the FIRST delivery the price can change. But the price will be what it is when you FIRST order on your FIRST shipment… “The total cost charged to your payment method for each Subscribe & Save order will be the cost of the item on the day that order is processed less the Subscribe & Save discount” . Here is the page for clarification bc this is SUPER confusing, read under payment!

Prime Pantry

Prime pantry is a 1-time order.  You will NOT be subscribed to these items and you DO NOT have to cancel anything after you receive the box! You pay a flat rate of $5.99 for shipping (unless you have a credit (see here) OR use a credit that you can earn every month by picking to ship an item at a lower speed. If you buy 5 of those items you get free shipping) I often COMBINE both of those deals and save $10.99 just on shipping & credit!!!  At minimum I use one…because I hate paying shipping on anything!

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Then there is also ALWAYS some great coupons to use as well!I would rather get items vs. paying the shipping so it makes sense for me to do least in my head! Prime pantry has many many grocery items, make up, cleaning supplies, medications, baby stuff, toys etc. They offer very good coupons here as well. With the flat shipping you get 1 very very large box. They tell you percentages of what items fill up the box. Once you hit 100% you can’t fill up the box anymore. Saves me trips to the grocery store, and if you’ve seen some of my posts this week, prime pantry also has it’s awesome deals at times. It’s nice to have a prime pantry credit reserved for those awesome deals. Does that help and clarify? I won’t be hurt if it doesn’t – will just explain it more!

Here is an example of a Frugal Deals Delivered follower who scored BIG TIME on her subscribe and save order!
Thank you T. Brown!




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