Look at this adorable Spring BEE Project!!AD-Clay-Pot-Garden-Projects-10

Here are the supplies you need all in one spot:

Shopping List:
#1 – Set of 6 clay pots ships FREE with prime

—>OR set of 3 clay pots 
#2 – Crayola Yellow paint – this is an add-on item
#3 – Craft bees currently ships FREE w prime

–> Or see #6 and make your own bees!
#4 – Jute Twine – this add-on item
#5 – Garden Wire – this is an add-on item
#6 – Black foam for entry of hive and/or bees!
#7 – Hot Glue Gun (mini) – this is an add-on item


HOW TO Steps:

#1 – Paint Clay pots yellow! —- Let dry!
#2 – Hot glue gun twine around pot!

#3 – Cut doorway, hot glue gun on.

#4 – Glue bees to wire .#5 – Glue wire to pots .
#6 – Position bees accordingly!


Craft project credit to: Kifli Es Levendula Blog




If you’d like to see more projects in the future — don’t forget to comment if you are attempting project, so I know you want more! And we would LOVE to see your completed project <3 <3






If you have any clay pots left – why not create one of these adorable footprint butterfly pots for Mother’s Day or for Grandma from your loved one??



 Picture credit – Pinterest