Shopping List:

1.) Voss Plastic Bottles (these are the BEST type to use for this project. They are the perfect height and size and easy to Gorilla glue shut to prevent accidents!

—>12 pack of Voss Plastic Bottles61zNpvsd5dL._SY550SX192_SY550_CR,0,0,192,550_PIbundle-12,TopRight,0,0_SX192_SY550_CR,0,0,192,550_SH20_

(the water delicious so you won’t waste it! 😉 )

2.) Elmer’s Clear Glue –   OR Elmers Clear Glitter Glue

—> if you get the big jug, make 2 projects & use to make SLIME!

3.) Gorilla Glue – 2 pack

4.) Glitter and or sequins!

—> Silver,  Blue, Green, GLOW IN THE DARK, Pink, Red, Purple, MULTI

(Click the color you’d like and it’ll take you there!)
—> List of SEQUINS

IMG_8716 IMG_8719 IMG_8722


*This sensory jar is made with about 20% glue, 80% water, and as much glitter as desired – I don’t have exact proportions because bottles can be different sizes.

*Pour Elmer’s clear glue and hot water into the bottle.
*Add your food coloring, and glitter.IMG_8726 IMG_8727

* Now shake, shake, shake!

* Let it set, you’ll see everything shift – but all you need to do is shake it up to make it all flow! I did add the glow in the dark glitter to ours, but it didn’t seem to glow :/

—-> There are a TON of fun other things you can add to these bottles – experiment and make different jars! Have the kids help in making their own jar! Here are more ideas:
Lego people, jungle animals, Little fish, little bugs …and more!

* When you are satisfied with the amount of glitter, toys & fun – Gorilla glue that lid shut! You don’t want this spilling all over the place!!

Don’t forget to share with your friends – make a gift for a friends – these make EXCELLENT Teacher gifts that they can use with their students!
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