Pencil Packs all you need to bulk order – listed in ONE PLACE!! Operation Christmas Child (OCC)

Pencil Packs all you need to bulk order – listed in ONE PLACE!!

You all know how passionate I am about Operation Christmas Child! Every year my family and friends commit to putting together more! SO I have mixed my passion for OCC with my passion for saving money – and I have learned how to get bulk supplies, quality supplies at the lowest rates possible over the past 8 years! I enjoy putting these posts together to help other shoebox packers like myself save money so that MORE children can be impacted with more shoeboxes spreading the love of Jesus to more and more children! AMEN!

— These ideas were taken from the group Deals for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes by Frugal Deals! Make sure you head on over & join so you don’t miss LIVE sales! AND don’t forget to PIN this post for later to come back to it, to share with your church or friend <3 <3

What to include & where to find it in bulk:

***(You will see some Affiliate links below in the posted article. FDD may receive a small %, with no cost to you, if purchased through link provided.)****

144 pencils for only $8.43 (after using subscribe & save) perfect to grab for your kids classroom, filling up backpack charities or donations!! It makes them $0.08 a pencil!HERE. Some people enjoy sending pens as well. Pens are pretty easy to find depending on the amount you’d like to send. ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is a big bulk deal of 500 pens from Dollar days or options for 144 pens at Amazon in BIC brand, or even check eBay for deals onmisprinted Pens & sometimes you can get pretty lucky!!
Ticonderoga pencils are also super popular because they are incredibly durable and last a long time. They jump on sale every once again on Amazon. Be sure to check those out!

With pencils, you’ll want to include a sharpener! I have used THESE type for many years. I usually include 2, just in case one fails. The top doesn’t always stay on, but they do work very well! However, some people perfer spending a little more money and buying THESE sharpeners. They are a bit more heavy duty and can fit 2 sized pencils! I have heard great feedback about them!

Scissors are difficult to find for a good price year round. Most people I have talked to, find their scissors in the walmart clearance isles. Checkout Walmart clearance HERE. The walmarts around me, never seem to have a good clearance section however. So I have had to stick to Dollar Tree scissors for $0.50 each. Dollar Days also carries a nice bulk scissor option, at $0.43 cents a pair of a case of 500+ which is perfect for bulk! Amazon also has some decent sales on scissors if you catch them at the right time!
*** NEW SCISSOR FIND on Amazon — currently only $0.38 each at the time of post!!! I WOULD RUN and grab these, don’t know how long this price will stick around!

Including rulers and calculators are always a great addition. Again this goes to the packers discretion as to whether to include or not. If you do include a calculator like these ones (which through stories likes this one through OCC, have been deemed valuable for the recipients and their families to conduct business transactions!!) I would definitely recommend solar vs. batteries, to avoid more garbage and so they do not need to replace them! ๐Ÿ™‚ Rulers are great because they are FLAT and do not take up any space at all. They can use them for math, drawing etc. These short 6in ones are only $0.16 each or 12 inc. rulers are $0.21 each.  Or grab these FULL SIZE ones from amazon — a 60 pack for about $0.33 each!
Based on some feedback – PROTRACTORS are a great addition too. Some use instead of rulers and some include both. The nice thing about protractors is they are multi-use and actually have more uses than a ruler! Find a sweet 28 pack from Amazon here! 

Time for the GLUESTICKS, because just like cutting paper… glueing projects is JUST as fun! These make doing arts and crafts doable for a lot of children you may not have had the opportunity! I prefer elmers over other brands bc they don’t dry out as quickly and some cheaper brands don’t “GLUE” very well.. seriously! I know some other brands may be slightly cheaper and I am totally ok with others including those   If you prefer elmers like myself, these are $0.20 each  at the time of posting!  

Erasers can be up to the preference of the sender. Some love the pencil top erasers(I have gotten this exact brand from Amazon for several years, they are great quality and I have never been disappointed!), the big chunky pink erasers you can find HERE in bulk! I have also used the DOLLARDAYS website for ordering many things for my shoeboxes. You do have to pay shipping unless you buy a minimum amount (which changes depends on the sale). However, if you speak to a customer service rep, they will often give you a discount % if you tell them you are using for charity!


And I’ll end with PENCIL POUCHES!! It is difficult to find a good price for pencil pouches in bulk. BUT I found these SUPER HERO pencil pouches on Alli-express for $0.68 each, OR these adorable animal pouches are only $0.64 each. You can order 1 at a time, just make sure you order enough ahead because it takes a couple months to get here. Good if you need 5-10!   —–>>>> Moving on to BULK pencil pouches. The best I could find was at Dollar Days and range b/w $0.56-$0.81 depending on how many you order. They come in neutral colors, or the pinks/purples version!

Pencil Pouches is another if you only have a few to buy, watch sales in September, sometimes you can find them for about $0.50-$0.99 in get ready for school season sales!! I actually opted to make my own pencil pouches using ziploc bags and duct tape! I hope to make a post on this in the future! <3


Another piece of feedback was to include paper clips! They are cheap and can be used for many things! For school, papers, as tools or even to fold and bend as toys! OR you can actually make a FISHING HOOK from a paper clip or safety pin!! You can get 30 boxes of 100 ct per box HERE for the BEST bulk deal! OR 10 boxes of 100 ct. HERE! Binder clips are another fantastic idea to add to the boxes! Not only for the obvious school benefit, but they can be super strong to clip up clothes to dry or even a tarp or covering! Binder clips are a FANTASTIC idea to include!!

Colored Pencils, Crayons, Notebooks and MORE I have found to have the best luck at  WALMART at the beginning of School in August/September depending on where you live! I definitely encourage you to include these as those can bring so much joy to a child, they take great pride in their school supplies!! This is a bulk set of 800 Crayola Crayons that teacher’s rave about. You can grab this box and divy them up into baggies for the shoeboxes! Always an option if you miss a back to school sale!

OR if you’d like pre-packaged crayons – check this one out on Amazon. 144 packs of 4 crayons! If 4 is not enough, add 2 or 3 packs! ๐Ÿ˜€ They can share with a sibling or a friend! 144 packs at the time of posting!

—-> Make sure to remove ALL SUPPLIES from their PACKAGING!! NO packaging need to be sent in the shoeboxes! OCC has made this very clear as most regions where the shoeboxes land they do not have a proper way to get rid of trash. So even if you think it makes them look pretty and new, it ends up polluting the area! Please do the region a favor and properly recycle it here! ๐Ÿ˜€ 

Once you get those pencils, you’ll definitely want and need to sharpen them. Yes you include sharpeners, but it is definitely nice for the kiddos to at least have a few sharpened so they can use them right away!!

If you have large batches of pencils to sharpen before sending like I do (2000 to be exact) check this deal out. I read the reviews throughly and just placed my order as it can handle large batches & doesn’t overheat, sharpens to the tip and stops so you don’t over sharpen, accommodates different sized pencils and accommodates a large amount of shavings! (This info is per the reviews) —-> It’s on sale for $36 off!!

Did this help you? Leave us a comment below!!!

What more help with OCC? Check out my post —> Best $1 store finds for the OCC Shoebox Packer!!

— These ideas were taken from the group Deals for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes by Frugal Deals! Make sure you head on over & join so you don’t miss LIVE sales! AND don’t forget to PIN this post for later to come back to it, to share with your church or friend <3 <3


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