LifeStraw Go Water Bottle with Integrated 1000-Liter LifeStraw Filter

Only $25



LifeStraw Personal Water Filter
Only $14.99

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Life Straw Info:
Filters up to 264 gallons (1,000 liters) of water down to 0.2 Microns
Removes 99.9999% of Waterborne bacteria (> log 6 reduction)
Removes 99.9% of Waterborne protozoan Parasites (>log 3 reduction)
Zero aftertaste; no chemicals or iodine
23 ounce leak-proof bottle made of durable BPA-free Tritan
Removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria (> LOG 6 reduction)
Removes 99.9% of waterborne protozoan parasites (>LOG 3 reduction)



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