chalk recipe 1Crafty Wednesday — will cost you only $11 out of pocket!

All ingredients but ONE can be found in your home!
Natural Squirty Chalk Paint!

Keep your loved ones BUSY Outside this summer with this CHEAP PROJECT – make again and again!! Super safe, no nasty chemicals – use ingredients from around the house!!

Your shopping list:

Squirt Chalk Paint Materials – I’m hoping you have in your home!

*If you don’t click the items below!*
1.) Corn starch
2.) Food coloringsummer fun 13
3.) Water
4.) Baking soda 2 pk
5.) Vinegar



*The ONE item you will need to purchase for the project!71U-qG-LPgL._SX425_
Squirt Bottles — set of 6!

1.) You will need one squirt bottle for each color of paint you want to make. Fill each bottle roughly 2/3 full with a corn starch and baking soda mixture. It should be roughly about the same of both ingredients.
2.) Add a few drops of food coloring and fill the bottles the rest of the way with water. Then  stir the ingredients. The mixture is VERY thick at first, but soon all the ingredients melt into a colorful paint.

summer fun 1293.)After you have the mixture mixed a bit place the cap on the squeeze bottles and shake them well. Note- you will also want to fill a couple squirt bottles with vinegar.
4.) After the paint has all been squeezed out…then it’s time to play with the vinegar bottles!! It bubbles up and then time to jump and splash on it! It’s science!

Then it is time to PLAY!

Ideas on how to use:

—-> Draw lines on the ground for TIC TAC TOE, hop scotch or just draw designs! Create a track for your kids to drive their toy cars or their big POWER WHEELS toys. The ideas are endless. Hours of fun outside in the shining sun, get those endorphins going and go on and get outside! 😀

Thank you GrowingAJewelredRose for your project idea & recipe!