OK it is time for a HUGE giveaway! There are LOTS of ways for you to win!!

YES you can win more than one!! 🙂

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TWO ONE $10 Amazon Gift Cards Giveaways – will be given away with random selection for sharing and inviting friends!

—-> The FIRST $10 gift card was given away on June 15th!!

TO ENTER see below:

  1. Click invite or add friends, add them and then comment on this post WHO you added w/a tag. You BOTH will be entered for this gift card — NO limits!
  2. SHARE on your personal page OR a Mom-group page!! Screen shot that and comment it under this post! (Don’t know how to do this? Just message me!


TWO $5 Amazon Gift Card Giveaways – will be given away randomly for people who stir up lots of integration on my pages! Easy!

—-> The NEXT giveaway will be ONE of the $5 gift card at 850 followers!

  1. Comment and Like posts on the blog FrugalDealsDelivered.com, on our fan page Facebook.com/FrugalDealsDelivered or group FrugalDealsDelivered.com/EverydayFamily —– NO LIMIT!!


RELAXATION PACKAGE GIVEAWAY – Package includes; adult coloring book, coloring pencils and Lavender Essential oil (more MAY be added to this package)
  1. To enter – see first 2 giveaways! This is an EXTRA prize chosen randomly for entries of inviting friends, sharing, commenting, liking etc!!
  2. I just want to treat you all bc you ROCK!


—> GIVEAWAYS will be drawn when we reach 1,000 members on our group page: 




Did you know???

  1. In order for the people who have LIKED any of my pages in support of FDD to see the posts Facebook makes me PAY, they have made it almost impossible to reach the people who have liked & supported FDD pages! EVEN if you turn on all notifications, they hide these posts UNLESS I pay for them :(. By commenting and liking this helps inc. the amount of people who see them – commenting is FUN! I love the social interaction on my pages, and I am here to HELP YOU! <3
  2. I am a Part-time SAHM (which I L-O-V-E and feel so blessed to be able to do) and work Part-time as a pediatric Physical Therapist for kids with disabilities. On days I work, I am up at dawn researching the best deals and having them laid out for ya’ll. I work on deals through my entire lunch and a couple hours after I get home from my 8 hour work day. Those can be LONG days. But I do it because I truly LOVE doing this. I LOVE helping other families save money. If you want to read more about my journey into FDD read my “About me” page HERE!
  3. By inviting friends, sharing the word, commenting on my pages & posts you are supporting FRUGAL DEALS DELIVERED and a small growing family! We couldn’t do this without your support. I genuinely LOVE doing this and without you guys it just wouldn’t exist. The more friends & supporters we have, the more opportunities will open up for FDD. I am telling you there is so much in store for FDD – please join us on this amazing ride!!