So PRIME DAY is July 16th, starting at 3pm EST, going through the ENTIRE day on July 17th!
Be ready, some of the HOTTEST deals are posted in the first night, with PLENTY saved for the 17th! You won’t want to miss a single minute!!
YEP…so more than 36 hours worth of deals…changing every 5 min…
—> If I were you I’d follow the our page: FRUGAL DEALS to get up to the minute deals  Oh yeah and invite a few friends & make some popcorn! There is a BUNCH of info below – and I really encourage you to read it all!

On Prime day & EVERYDAY several important announcements:

— Check back to FRUGAL DEALS  as often as you can, I will be RAPID FIRE posting (my hubby will be helping me!! = MOREDEALS)  but that means deals can get lost in the Facebook world, and I don’t want anyone to be upset for missing the deals!!

— There will be a minimum of 3 e-mails sent out during the prime day events outlining what have been the most popular deals that are still live, in an attempt to make sure you don’t miss them! Make sure you have signed up for the e-mail (send me a PM) AND put in your contacts so it doesn’t go to spam!

— I will post to the GROUP as much as possible. People have given me feedback that they receive the best notifications from the group. HOWEVER bc of rules, direct links will only be posted in the fanpage! PLEASE .make sure your notifications are turned on FOR ALL in both! 

— ALSO – if you see a deal that you LOVE, have to HAVE, already currently own or WANT – please like and comment, comment, comment!! PLEASE!! This is crucial in the Facebook “algorithms” of how posts get lost. The better & the more popular the deal, this will help more of our friends see it. Again, it just ensures that friends are missing the best deals! In this case sharing is also caring too 😉

Can you believe this was my *Paper Products haul* from Prime Day 2017!!!

Just imagine what other goodies there will be! Toys, Baby goods, Home & Cleaning products, Clothing for kids & adults is supposed to be in SURPLUS!

** 72 big roll Viva paper towels – paid $44.19 after coupons, discounts & subscribe & save! — made them $0.61 each!

** 108 family rolls  258 reg rolls) of Toilet Paper – paid $33.05 after coupons, discounts & subscribe & save!
— made them $0.30 each per family roll, or $0.13 per reg. Roll!



1.) Check out our GROUP PAGE and enter to win an amazon gift card to get ready for PRIME DAY – must comment on that post to enter

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4.) Check out the deals of the day for TODAY – and get familiar with hopping around (even though I will be streaming the crazy deal right to your fingertips

5.) Already an amazon prime member? Make sure you sign up for Amazon FAMILY – you get extra crazy coupons & discounts on what your family needs…. and it’s 100% FREE!

We have seen coupons paired with the Amazon family discount of 20% and grab 60% off DIAPERS and WIPES!! You do NOT want to be scrambling to try and sign up and miss the deal. The deals go CRAZY fast on Prime day!!

6.) BEST YET —- PRE-PRIME DAY Limited Time Sales…

Have ALREADY STARTED! Say what…? Yes DO NOT Miss out! Some of the discounts are as high as 95-99% off! Yes you heard that right. I DO NOT KNOW if these will be live tomorrow. They could be a tease for pre-prime days only. We have not seen these subscriptions as low as they are now. Don’t miss out –> head HERE!!



7.) Get familiar with important Amazon Pages!! 

Check out the Deals of the Day: HERE

Check out the LIGHTNING Deals: HERE

Check out the Newest Amazon Coupons: HERE

Check out Amazon’s Open Box Deals: HERE

Check out all the deals Frugal Deals Delivered has featured: HERE


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